A ghost is chasing me everywhere

I am Muhammad Omran, a microbus driver for years, and I took the job as a father and grandfather

A ghost is chasing me everywhere

I am Muhammad Omran, a microbus driver for years, and I took the job as a father and grandfather.
One day, I was standing, as usual, carrying the car, to go back to Alexandria. I am taking the Alexandria-Cairo road, and it is still opening. I found Zainab, my wife, calling me and saying, “Come quickly, your son is in the hospital. I don’t know how to get on my nerves.” I see something of tension and no one responds to me when I was sure that something definitely happened without Lola and suddenly while I was walking, I felt that I messed up someone, I went down quickly to see what happened. I took my part and left it on the road and forgot that God would never hide her with me because of what I did. I went out and ran to the hospital and the first person was in the intensive care and I was saved. I lost all my balance and I didn't feel like I needed or saw anything. When he came out and said that Adam's condition is serious and I want a necessary heart operation, and I do not have the amount of the operation, and I felt that the whole world was on my mind. At first it was fine and then I went on the desert road and I put my hands on my heart and I was afraid of what I would hear. I went again the day I found the police gathered and transporting the body. I saw the body with my own eyes, and of course there was a committee that searched all the cars. I came back well the day Adam worked. He said, Papa, take me with you. He sat next to you. He said a lot. I took him with you. I told him that it would not work, Adam. I was very nervous about his words, but it was very difficult for me. You come to sit beside me, you are sitting behind me, why did I find him red and like this and he said, present, Dad, but when the person next to you came down, but then my heart was shaking, but I did not see this. To the point that I would change in Arabic and people began to get nervous, and I preferred a lot. Every time I went to the desert, the same thing happened to me, except that Adam would say to his mother that every time I sit behind, because there are six beautiful women who will remain sitting next to me, and I am arguing and saying the origin of which comes sustenance and I run and pay more, but I don't get to talk about this, and so often I feel like I'm going to do a lot of accidents that I see, I mean, hours I come looking in the mirror of the Arab, I find it sitting after hours, I hear the sound of laughter, and my life was destroyed to some extent. One day I was walking and I found it
 I mean, I went to ditch gasoline and my neighbor is in Arabic, but unfortunately the Arabic language has changed and I have many injuries, me and the passengers. Thank God, God has given us a new life. I am writing these words. And away from me and my son and my wife I never imagined that I would abandon anyone and I never imagined that all this would happen if I had gone down and done what I was doing and tried to save her, at least the feeling of guilt inside me would have stopped but I carried all the guilt......

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