Every country has different, strange meals that we can be suspicious of just hearing about it, but this time the topic is different because these meals are human meat


Every country has different, strange meals that we can be suspicious of just hearing about it, but this time the topic is different because these meals are human meat

  • We have heard a lot about cannibals, and we will know more about them


  • Korowai tribes


This tribe is located in the Indonesian island of New Guinea, which is located near the Aravura Sea

The story began when Nelson Rockefeller, the son of the governor of New York City, disappeared while collecting some pieces on Poboye Island.

In 1961, researchers confirmed during their search for Nelson that the Koroi tribe killed him and ate him, and studies have proven that this tribe has been living on the island for about 100,000 years, and that this tribe did not know that there are other human beings in the world

Because they think that no one else exists on earth

And research has proven that the death rate in this tribe is very low, and their treatment is from trees and plants located on the island.

  • cannibals in china


China is known for its strange meals, including human meat

And these foods are authorized there in major restaurants specializing in human meat

Many Chinese eat newborn babies

The police found 8 parts of the body

This is other than that Korea, China and Japan share the same food style as they eat insects, donkeys and dogs, and they did not eat human flesh at first, but they ate it to show that they are an indomitable people who can do everything.

And in a family of cannibals, she confessed that she killed 30 people in 18 years

  • A tribe in India who eats human flesh


If you go to India, you will find a terrifying tribe living in cemeteries and their main food is human meat.

Like the Aghori tribe in India, they depend for their main food on human meat, and of course their method of food scares many countries

And there is a photographer named Yan Skwara who photographed very terrifying scenes like

Someone raises their hand and drinks from a real human skull

And another person above his head, a skull with blood and a mysterious feature of white dust

  • Egypt had a share of the presence of cannibals


In the Fatimid era, specifically during the reign of al-Mustansir, a very large famine struck the country and left the country in danger and turmoil. At this time, the famine became known as the severity of al-Mustansiriyah. The cause of this famine was the absence of the Nile River water for seven years, which of course indicates the importance of the Nile River.

At that time, the victims were the prisoners because the soldiers were killing them, cutting their flesh and eating them

  • Cannibalism has spread everywhere


And the beginning, when they found a person sitting at a table with a fork and a knife and eating a grilled child and eating his meat as if it were lamb or beef

And not only Egypt, which had famine everywhere in the world

To the extent that families in China used to exchange their children with another family, because they did not eat the meat of their children and would remain other children, while their children were present at the table of one of the families who exchanged them for the meat of their children, with consent.

This is other than the fact that there are restaurants that serve a meal of human flesh as if it were quick takeaway meals, and it remains at a very large price. One meal was 20 thousand pounds

Imagine a human being eating the flesh of another human being and thinking for a moment if he was the one who was served at the dining table

We may be accustomed to cannibal tribes who are known for their primitive life, but the terrible thing is that the greatest and wealthiest countries participate in this meal.

Imagine if you traveled your way and reached a tribe of cannibals and they decided that you would be dinner today and for all hours and you would stay at the family table at that time, how would you behave?

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