Do not live in a summer apartment without knowing its past

My name is Salma, a graduate of the Faculty of Commerce, she is married, and I have a daughter named Malak and she is six years old, my young son Yassin is a year and a half, and Josie Mohamed is a pharmacist and they live in Cairo.

Do not live in a summer apartment without knowing its past

My name is Salma, a graduate of the Faculty of Commerce, she is married, and I have a daughter named Malak and she is six years old, my young son Yassin is a year and a half, and Josie Mohamed is a pharmacist and they live in Cairo.
My story started from the beginning of the summer. When we decided to go to a resort, we were confused about where to travel, but we decided that we would go to Alexandria to change the atmosphere, and at once, Muhammad was visiting his aunt and he was with me, my father, my mother and my sister.
We relied on God early in the morning, and we rode the river and our souls on Alexandria. The first time we went down, we smelled the beautiful sea wind, and it was Alexandria that returned the soul to our soul. We brought a gift to Aunt Muhammad and went to her house.
She opened us and received us, and she was very happy with a king.
She sat with us and asked about our people in Cairo, and she made us molokhia with shrimp, squid and fish, and it was one of the most beautiful meals I had eaten in my life, and it was as if we were sitting in a restaurant by the sea.
Also, she was our worker with Basbousa, and I was very impressed by the king
She and her husband were tricking us. We are a plant with them, but Muhammad is sick at all, although I was very tired and could not be better in the street. We went to an apartment, but Muhammad apologized for his determination and took us and walked. It was very late and we could not find an apartment to the extent that we thought we would go back to his aunt and she was owned by So tired, she fell asleep, Yassin, Muhammad Shailaha, and Baba Shail Yassin
And the father of workers asks in the street about any apartment that is empty until we found one and he said I am not a broker, but I will help you to find an apartment because the girl and boy who sleep on your arm
Of course, we thanked him and agreed that we would agree with him in the end, and we went to a store and sat next to someone when he came out of the store and said, Uncle Ismail, the apartment is empty.
Any service and he said medicine, I am coming to a good broker, and people are looking for an apartment and try to give them a price of nostalgia for countries that follow
He said we have our eyes for them
Come on, professors, look at the apartment
Of course, I am a worker. I say to our mothers, when we look at an apartment, what is it? But if it was a place, I would have liked it.
The important thing is my father and Muhammad agreed on the apartment and we took it
The first time Papa entered, he sat reciting a lot of Qur’an in it. The origin of Papa is an imam of a mosque. Naturally, he blesses the apartment in which we will sit.
But Papa, I felt him shake Muhammad and say, “My son, you were not in such a hurry to the apartment. We weren’t going to find another one. It’s okay. Not the number of apartments, but Muhammad said, Uncle, if I had walked Salma two steps too, she would have passed out from me.
The important thing is that I changed to a king while she was sleeping, and the fan turned her on
And Mama went to sleep, but Daddy fell asleep
I went to sleep in my room, Muhammad and I turned on the fan, but Muhammad told me Bahzar was better than you. I tried to turn it on, but it didn't work. I was joking too, saying, No, I look like I'm going to sleep in the balcony like this pottery castle. Workers reciting the Qur’an in a beautiful voice, but I woke up at two o’clock like this from the sound of the fan
Ewa, exactly that, at the sound of the obnoxious fan, I found it working on the other, not as if it was blazing. Of course, I went to bed and woke up. Muhammad said, “My daughter, it was normal. You found the motor was bleak and worked alone. You slept, but you didn’t think about it. Just while I'm on the light, I'm going to come cut off
Normally, I was afraid of the dark, but I turned on the searchlight, and I was desperate to try to make him sleep, but the workers were crying rigidly, and then I met him looking at the ceiling and looking around the fence, frankly, his movements were strange to me, the first time I saw Yassin focused on something like this, especially since the light was cut off, so what would he draw? Look, but I said you meet the angels with his manipulation, and I preferred that to try to anime until he fell asleep and entered the room, next to Muhammad
I found myself awake very early, and preferred to stand on the balcony to see the sea and hear its voice. That's how I started to wake up all those who slept in order to catch the day from the beginning and go to the sea and I went to wake up king and our mushrooms were all on the sea. She fell and we were all right. We stayed in Morocco, and I had forgotten to bring her the Bashkirs of her home in the apartment, so I told her, O king of my Bashkir pocket, you will find him in the room. I took the key and the key is still there.
And here Mama told him what, but Hamid, this is the house we are talking about. If Salma followed her from here, you would see her. Papa walked away and spoke.
And indeed, a king went to the Bashkirs, but there were no two minutes, and I heard the voice of a king voting
Of course, we all ran to her, and she told us, Uncle kick me, Mama, I saw him and took Muhammad. He sat yelling rigidly. He says, I mean, Ismael, he enters here, so think about her, a proxy without a doorman. He has a copy of the key. He did what he was doing and he could not stand himself, but he went to see him, he was not in the shop, and he traveled this morning to his country and also went back two days to receive the apartment. Of course, Muhammad was somewhat calmer and said you find him a thief, and we preferred to ask about a king. Very old, and he was standing at the kitchen, and from a lot, Muhammad was shouting. One of them came down, living in the floor above us, asking what happened, and when I told her, Mama saw what was wrong with her. This was a lot of talk, but all she said, may God reward the one who was the reason, and she sat hitting her hands, palms on the palms, and took Some of them came out
All this, Daddy, did not know what happened, and when he came and knew, it upset me that I did what was in my mind and sold the girl alone, and he honestly has the right. I can't speak. We stayed up late in the apartment for the rest of the day and opened the door and sat down. The apartment is on the ground floor, but I noticed something strange. A young family and he is looking at the house above us, and he is looking at the steep staircase, he comes to the door of our apartment and takes his hat. He ran as if we were afraid of him.He is afraid of us
Baba was determined that we walk from this apartment, but Muhammad said that we can't walk because the owner of the apartment is not present and we can't hand over the apartment to someone else
We sat and dined, and I kind of closed off from the whole place
But I didn't want to talk. I preferred staying up late with Muhammad when Mama, King and Papa slept and went to work for me and Ahmed Nescafe. But when I was in the kitchen, I felt a very strange movement to the point that according to Muhammad, he started drinking and nothing, but when I turned and saw no one, but I saw the curtain as if someone had gone out and shook it. Outside, after I made the Nescafe, I asked Muhammad, “You entered the kitchen?” He said, “I did not move from my place, my daughter.” The whole house is healthy to see what is in it, and we said that it is possible that one of the neighbors is fighting, but the problem is that the sound was the money of the apartment we have, as if the one who was fighting this was fighting in the apartment, Muhammad came out of the apartment to hear what, but when he came out, he did not hear any sound or any cracking, but as soon as he entered The apartment, the sound is coming back
Malak started to be very afraid, and I was satisfied to be honest, I started to get very nervous, and what increased and covered the light that was cut off at that time, King. Outside, but the door won't open
We started arguing with people and I lost my temper and sat screaming and found a king saying Mama is it Mama standing at the kitchen Muhammad sat saying who is this, King, we don't see anyone
My uncle, who I saw this morning, said to him, Mama, I was standing and running by the kitchen, coming towards us, and the girl started to collapse, and Baba was reciting the Qur’an and seeking refuge in Almighty God. Suddenly I heard the voice of our neighbors outside the apartment trying to help us and open the door from outside and Yassin and the king of workers vote and the king says, “Oh, Mama, standing next to grandfather and onion.”
And Papa was a worker raising his voice and reciting the Qur’an for someone. When we met the door, it opened and I remained administrative in myself because the people who were standing outside, and Papa entered the house of clothes, me and Mama, and the people entered the apartment and sat down to check on us and the children were collapsed from crying, and I found the six who came to us before that, his workers hug me and tell me your right Ali, I am the one who made his mistake, your right to me and his workers are crying and I don't understand anything
I told her I don't understand what it is and what happened
Muhammad sat yelling and said, “Come in, take your needs.” “Wow, we are not sitting for a minute in this apartment. I really didn’t need anything from the apartment. Me, Mama, and not.”
I felt a blow on my back, very rigid, as if someone hit me with a cricket and stabbed me out of the apartment. Of course, when I told Papa, Mama and Muhammad they believed, the first one could not believe them, but all we saw made them believe, and from the hit I was unable to move as if I was dislodged, so we had to get out of these six and we actually got out.
And she told us, Boswa, that I swore an oath, that I did not say this secret, nor did I or anyone from the street, but this matter did not touch him, even if the alliance that I swore, I will fast for three days, and I will tell you the origin of this apartment, may God reward you, Uncle Ismail, you sell your father for the shark
She started telling us
Last year, there was a whole family living in the apartment below, and they always heard their fight, and they were like what you say, people with problems and choking bears and gentlemen, and we were taken to the sound of their fight, and the sound we heard, we were the first when we heard the sound of this fight. What happened, but when we went down once and the owners of the house disturbed us and expelled all the people of the street, they said we did not want to let him go to each other. He saw what we were doing, but when we woke up the next day, we found the apartment door open and the smell of fire came from the air, and God was great, all dead and the fire was holding him in it. I mean, almost from the many fights that the six and the man fought every day, they forgot something on the stove until when it popped and the fire took off The six and the man with their families who found them dead on their beds and since then the apartment is locked, but we used to hear a lot of voices and I'm offering my apartment for sale. I can't stand it. For hours and hours he calls me to go down to answer him, especially if at night
And uncle Ismail, the owner of the house, disgusted himself, even though he knew that this apartment was completely inhabited, and he heard himself. He brought new ceramics and new whites to the apartment. He came back to the apartment as if it was new and spent the deaths on it and said, “It will be rented by a resort.”
Of course, no one will think of living in the area, but if someone is not from here, he will not know anything. Call a broker and two and three of them so that they can say it. You were the first people to live in it and he sat down swearing that no one told you about his life and we were silent, especially after he said that he did things in it because if there was a soul or not Something to come out of the apartment, and also, because the ten and the neighbor were silent, and as you say, try it, but after what happened, I swear to God, I am not silent. I hope to tell one person about the story of the apartment. People are playing in his hands. This time, I came healthy and we followed you
Papa at that time I spoke and said I knew everything from the first time I entered the apartment, my father, my daughter, understood this speech all his life. When did you see it yourself?
From this day on, my children stayed and did not sleep but I turned to them with light, and I must be sitting with them, me or their father until they sleep.
Lord, I can forget my children who saw them from this summer resort Five years have passed, and until now, all that Muhammad says, I and the children, come to a summer resort. I think, and even the children, we are complicated by the same idea, and we do not have to go to a resort. We often go to the sea, spend the day and return, run to our house, we spend a day in an apartment, a strange resort, never.....
Do not go to an apartment for the summer without knowing its past.

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