Give me back my clothes

My name is Salwa. I am 18 years old. I will tell you about my story, which is very difficult to find

Give me back my clothes

My name is Salwa. I am 18 years old. I will tell you about my story, which is very difficult to find.
I am the eldest out of five sisters, a girl and three sons, and I am the fifth and the eldest of them. The important thing is that our lives were very shrouded, praise be to God, and my father was at the door of God, but we sat down on a cart. It is his habit that when he carries a load, he does not like to travel alone, so often one of us takes him to entertain him on the road. And he took it for that, and one day only our Lord knew about it, and he moved it, and we all had exams, days of exams, so that's why Mama went with him, although this time he didn't want to take her and a designer let her go with us, but she insisted that she go with him and I really went, and I am like an older sister. You are a cheat for my sisters and their sleep In order for them to sleep and wake up, they go to school and I was satisfied. I was close to sleeping, but I don't know why I applied and went to sleep. I actually found someone calling at night a strange number, and I was not my usual response to strange numbers, but I don't know why this time I felt that I had to reply and I actually responded and heard the shock of my life Papa Mama had an accident and of course I called one of our neighbors to go with me because it was very night and I took some and went out to the hospital and knew that Papa had died, but Mama, may God have mercy on her from what she was in, and after a month of operations I came out of the hospital and Meknes suck Accurate what happened and our lives changed, and our financial situation remained very bad, especially since my mother can’t go to work.
Good people from time to time send us an amount like this, so that we ate and drank enough, and our situation was very bad, until one day we met the association that brought us money with them. But what I know is that I heard Mama’s words and she made them tea, but when I came, they thanked me for the tea without anyone drinking anything, and they left the house and came back with a big bag and handed it to my mother and walked of course. When they walked, my sisters and I opened the bag and found it all new clothes at the age of my sisters boys. And her shape is very nice, but I did not have anything to do with it, but other than a bride, he played it. I liked it and said that I took it and kept it.
And my sisters were very happy with the clothes and slept and the clothes were on their lap from their joy. He said that they wore very nice clothes, to the point that it was easy for them to wear it and go down the street now, but they slept and I was staying up late. Workers laughing rigidly, I pissed him off, and I told him, I’m sincere. As for him, the important thing is that he came out and I took him and went to him on the situation. I saw something that completely paralyzed my movement, and when I found Adel sleeping, he was lying down and went to sleep with a look next to me. I found the one who looked like my brother. I told my mom this and she convinced me for sure that he would prepare for me, although I am sure that anything I saw is true and it happened and from this day I have been better with strange needs like for example that I met the age of my second brother. My soul, give me the phone and call the phones, and I got my aunt's number and told her to come and answer Umm Ismail with her, and I don't know who is Ismail's mother. When my mother arrived, she was satisfied. I did the same movement that I did when people were aware of the charity here, and I was satisfied. I went out of the room and went to make them tea, but when I was going back, I heard my mother crying and saying that I was the one who did this. I did not know. I stood and listened, but I did not
 Ismail asked me to enter the room when Ramya saw me, as they were saying, and Mama was hesitant to talk in front of us, but this time she said that this charitable organization had brought her clothes for a child who was the only one of his mother and father and he did a very big accident and he died and his clothes were interrupted by Umm Ismail and said, these clothes are not
 This is someone good. Either a worker did harm to the clothes for this child. May God have mercy on him. As for the boy, his soul is in his clothes and he doesn’t want anyone to wear them. She told my mother that she should get rid of all these clothes, but Mama asked her to promise her that she would get rid of them once and for all when she had the clothes, and Ismail’s mother told her she was worried. I'm gonna burn them
From this day on, I held my mother's hand, that she did not wear clothes like this again, and I kept working to provide for my sisters' requests, and he did not feel that there was anything we missed them, and only that was my story that I never forgot, no matter how many years I went back to it, as if it was etched in my memory............ .

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