Haunted old doll

This doll is known to be more than 200 years old and that it had a very bad reputation and wide fame as a result of the accidents that resulted from it everywhere it was placed.

Haunted old doll

Chris Walton is the guy who found an old lady's doll under the foundation of an abandoned house but didn't know it was the beginning of the curse.

This doll is known to be more than 200 years old and that it had a very bad reputation and wide fame as a result of the accidents that resulted from it everywhere it was placed.
It is famous for being the most wearable thing in Australia
Walton, who lives in the city of "Ware Way", says that on the day he met the bride, he rubbed her beard with a sign that there was a soul in it.
This is other than that she moves things around the house in a terrifying way
This is other than that if someone touches it, he will feel the presence of a human pulse in the bride

And in the reports of the "Daily Mail" newspaper, it says that the doll was originally made for a child who drowned in water
There are many people who might say that this is a myth and that the doll is certainly not worn, but unfortunately this is not true because Walton
He published and said that the doll moved with the intention of 200 people, meaning witnesses and evidence of the credibility of his words
However, the spirit that is present in the doll is embodied in more than one form, for example, it can be in the form of an animal or a human form
However, many people who see it fall into hysterics

In the seventies, Chris Walton was in his twenties, then he returned to his hometown of Wagga, New South Wales, to attend his funeral, but he was talking about his childhood with fear and about the abandoned house that exists and is known to be haunted.
At that time, he felt that he had to overcome his fears and decided that he would enter the house in the middle of the night in order to find out what was in the house and end his fears.

And when he entered, he found that the cellar was open, and he entered it by candlelight, overcoming his fear, but what he saw was unexpected...
He saw two eyes that saw him in the darkness, of course, when he was exposed
It turned out that it was a neglected little doll, and it was unlike the rest of the dolls that are characterized by being a small child, but this doll was for an old woman and her appearance was very strange and scary
He is supposed to take some of it and run, but something inside him is like a decision in himself, he says that he takes this doll with him and goes with it

And he actually took her and took her out and tried to bury her under the house
To keep her away from him, but he can't do that
And he decided to sell it and take advantage of the amount that he will get after the sale is completed
Indeed, he met the person who would buy it, and the sale took place, and he was very happy that he got rid of this doll and also made a profit from getting rid of it.
But his joy was complete, because he felt a very urgent desire to return this doll again and take her as if she was chasing him and actually stopped the sale process
Who is this doll that aroused his curiosity, so he displayed it in museums in order to know any information about it, but he failed to find any information about it and I do not know about it, except that it is more than 200 years old.
The strange thing is that the hair of this doll is real human hair and not just the hair of the doll
However, under her hair there is a formation similar to the human brain
The history of the doll began to learn more when the psychic scientists began to answer information about it and take care of it, and it remains the focus of their attention.
And they said that this bride was made by a skilled person in the manufacture of marionette brides, and that he made it in the form of his young son, but he exaggerated in features, as happens in all marionette brides, and that his son was already dead because he drowned at the age of six
They said that the doll is able to shelter the human soul after death
This means that the puppet was able to embody the soul of his drowning son and that he is present in the material world
And this doll is not only frightening people, it also scares dogs, and soon they prefer to bark as soon as they see it
And if you see this doll, do not try to spit in her eyes, because at that time, you will enter into an unnatural and unjustified fit of crying and depression. Even some of the women who see her will have severe nervous attacks as soon as they look at her.

Imagine if you found this doll in one of the corners of your room now, how would you behave?!................

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