If you decide to manipulate magic, bear the consequences of your decision

I am a young man of 25 years, I own an electrical appliances store  And I used to love very much from when I was young, watching horror stories and hearing about mysterious things, even though I was young, but I did not like to sit and play like children and not watch cartoons

If you decide to manipulate magic, bear the consequences of your decision

I am a young man of 25 years, I own an electrical appliances store
 And I used to love very much from when I was young, watching horror stories and hearing about mysterious things, even though I was young, but I did not like to sit and play like children and not watch cartoons
 No, this was my favorite hobby. I sat watching horror stories and enjoyed them, and I was trying to make my brother watch with me, even though he was older than me by petals for years, but he did not like to watch horror, even though he works in a morgue in a hospital next to us and his heart is supposed to remain dead, but he never watched for terror This is pure and they say enough is enough of the horror I see there
The important thing is that I grew up and the horror stories remain. These are not my ambitions. I am on a bigger adventure that makes me seriously terrified.
I was one day, as usual, hearing a story of someone telling horror stories on the internet, and the story was talking about magic books and that there are talismans in it. A book of magic and read in it and see what will happen. Of course, this is his work, not just what I say a few words, I mean, the sprite will come.
And I started thinking, what is the right place to find a book like this, and I went on a street like this, full of old books, and frankly, I was surprised to ask anyone about this book, and I started to go around myself, and unfortunately all my attempts failed that I found a book like this and the topic started to grow in my brain more than what they said. (Forbidden is desirable) and I started turning around more and more to the point that I told my friend that if he met him, he would answer me
So my friend, after how many days like this, I found him calling me and telling me I have something you were looking for
I told him, oh, you brought me the book, and my eyes were shining with joy
He said, huh, there is no one else. Meet me. Come on, so I can take you to my workshop. You will find him there.
I went to him after I closed the shop and he said, "Oh, is that the book that we are so obsessed with?"
Keep in mind, Ali, the author of this book. He said that if you go deep into it, you will be seriously hurt, especially since you are not on this track, by God, my son, if I had not known you for a long time and knew your love for adventures, I would have told you that you want to work as an impostor
I told him, well, say it right. Where did you get this book?
He said, “Oh, there is no one who can fix the Arabic language for me, and I heard that his grandfather is in the railroad of magic and sorcery, and he is very well known.” I mean, his name is Khalil Imran.
I told him, uncle, don't worry, there is no wretch except for the children of Adam
I took the book and took it to my mother. She said to me, "Come, let me eat a lot. I don't want to see the book. I told him that I am not hungry even though I was really hungry."
I entered and it was written on the book from outside
(This book is real and contains real talismans, so you must have already known about magic matters, and if you decide to manipulate magic, then bear the result of your decision)
I sat flipping through the pages, and frankly, when the book was still in my hands, I don't know why I got worried and thought a lot about going back.
I found a page written saying if you want to prepare the genie *** you must do these rituals and mention the talismans
 At that time, I said this topic: I want to be late at night, after when the whole house sleeps, and I dined with them, and I wanted them to sleep very quickly, so that I could see the end of this book.
So I got out the book and started walking behind the steps that were written in the book and turned on the mobile camera to record what would happen. I finished all the rituals. I preferred to sit waiting for the light to break, and no window to streak or anything strange. I went to see the video. This book is a charlatan, and I say, what do you want from a charlatan? Surely his book will remain a charlatan in a charlatan with their consent. He said, “A million warnings are written on the book, is it all propaganda work and salvation?”
I slept and woke up in the morning to break the fast with my brother and my mother outside, and I sat on the table, I found my brother saying: You won't stop your moves, Ali, I told you a million times, I love this stupid joker
I told him what is your money, son, what did I touch you or did you come next to you? He said, I mean, I don't remember the kiss that you gave me yesterday when you would stop my heart
I told him I was surprised!!!!!!
Uncle, you meet me dreaming, from an hour I did not enter my ablution at nine and I turned on the lamp and sat reading a few stories like this until when I fell asleep at 12 o'clock
I met him, he says, I didn't tell you that you are a liar
Oh liar, the light has been cut off since 10 o'clock. How can I not feel that the light is cut off?
You told him, I don't understand this, Jaber, what happened yesterday?
He said, Uncle, when the light was cut off, I went first to look around for any candle or anything to light the room with it, and I entered asking you about your lighter, but I found you sleeping.
I left you asleep and went into the kitchen to see a lighter and no matches
I went, got the lighter, and turned on the candle, I found you sitting on the sofa chair in the dark. I am from the hill.
 Keep in mind that one day you will cause a disaster because of your pranks
Of course, at that time, I began to comprehend what had happened, but I did not understand how I was awake and sitting and I did not feel all this, and how the light was cut off when I was on, and how Jaber came to talk to me and met me sleeping if I was already asleep until 12 at night
A lot of thoughts ran through my mind at that time, but of course you didn't say anything to Jaber. I know that he could go into it if I told him something like that.
I went down to my job and met Muhammad, who brought the book, and he sat joking and said, “Oh, you, the goblins, did you get up yesterday or what?”
I told him, you look good, I swear to God, I will take each other and walk so that I will not let you down
I preferred all day sitting in the shop, there was no customer until he entered and asked, although from the first time I opened the shop and the world has always been good, praise be to God and Omar, our Lord, did not leave me with a broken mind and I would be locked out after it was late. Rely on God uncle, we don't have anything to follow at that time he shouted and said his good manners and hit us some good Muhammad to follow himBetween us and the people, you blamed us, and today his battle has ended without any sale or purchase
I took each other and went to the house. I said I will be with my mother and Jaber, I may forget what I am in
I found Jaber tired and his temperature was high, and my mother used to put him in compresses, and workers were shivering from the heat.
She said to him, by God, my son, I don't know. He was like walrus, and he sat joking like every day, and went down to his job. I found his co-worker, Shailin, and they came with him, and they told me that he fainted there and got a little tired, and my heart broke out on him when I saw them, they took him and brought him here.
I sat next to him and opened the Qur’an and sat down to recite it
Because I just imagined what happened
I slept while I was asleep. I felt movement in the apartment. I said I'm going to see what Jaber needs.
But I found something that shocked me the most. I found a copy of me sitting on the sofa. I sat reading the Qur’an in secret and said who are you?
He sat laughing and said I was the one who called you and brought me to your world. I am the one who will finish you one by one. He sat laughing and his voice was so loud that I felt that the wall would crack from the sound and suddenly he disappeared.
I found myself sleeping on the bed, but I am sure that everything I saw is true
I went to check on Jaber, he was about to be kidnapped. I told him, O Jaber, what happened to you?
At first, he did not want to tell me, but when I pressed him, he sat telling me and said: I went to work today and received the rose from my colleague, and he was urged to still be inside the morgue. Other than when I'm on the ground and they outrun me and I'm the one who's up, I want to get up and I'm dying to see your mother, but when I got up, I didn't find this body, it was the body of a man who came from a fire accident
I sat crying and shouting and telling them you are definitely afraid of me because of the shock. I saw my mother. Where did they sit, they swear to God that my mother is good, and only one of them called her, so when she answered, I was gifted and my colleagues took me home, and I did not understand what I saw.
I am melting. I heard these two words from Jaber, and I took my part and went to the workshop with Muhammad, and I told him, get up quickly, and owe my debt to the man who gave you the book.
He said, what is good, understand me, I do not understand anything at all. What is wrong? I told him there is no time to know everything there. Tell me the address. He said, I do not have his address. I have his number. I am waiting to call him and know his location.
And he called the number and he actually answered it and he refused at all. He gave us his grandfather’s address, but with my insistence that I say that I am in a misfortune, no one will find me from it except your grandfather. He agreed and said the address, and Muhammad said, “I will not leave you. I will close the workshop and come with you.”
We went to his grandfather and told him, but we were surprised that his grandfather did not know anything about the book that I took, although his grandson said that his grandfather was the one who gave him the book, and then he shouted at his grandson and walked from the place, and he justified that he wanted to serve Muhammad and answer him what he wanted, he didn't know that it was so dangerous And if he had said to his grandfather, he would not have satisfied him with anything
At that time, this man was talking to us and I told him everything that happened in detail
He said that this genie's mission is that he will save the people of your house
I was in a state of collapse and I sat down telling him what way
Inshallah, I will die, but they are not, I am the one who deserves death. They have nothing to do
The man replied to me and said, “My son, there is no way, unless you go down to someone’s grave, who is still dead, and you sit in it for a quarter of an hour, saying the words that I am going to say to you, and at that time it is possible that the curse will leave you, and the jinn will return to his clan and cry when you are.”
I said ok, I will think and tell you, okay, I can't stand it. This is a very difficult thing.
He said, "Think and quickly, before your family is about to get hurt seriously, and then until the decision that you help them, you will not know salvation."
I left him and went to the house, but I did not find anyone, nor my mother, nor Jaber.
I met Jaber after a while, and he calls and says that he is with your mother in the hospital
I went to the hospital and Jaber told me that my mother passed out and did not excel, and when I took her to the hospital, the doctors did not know what caused this.
They started making rumors so that they would know what the cause of the fainting was, but the results of the tests were all intact, and Jaber would be angry and I don't know what to do.
I just know what I'm going to do
I went and called the man and told him I am ready to do whatever you say
He told me, you must bring a dead body, and bury it with it.
He said, this is not my job, see who you are
The first person that came to my mind was the man who was coming in the fire accident that Jaber said to him
At that time, I went to Jaber and asked him about the grave of the man. Surely it was written in the records of Jaber. At that time, he was very surprised and sat down to tell me why, what is the strange request, huh, why do you want the address of the grave?
I told him, Jaber, I will tell you later, if I had Omar, but what I am asking of you is a fateful thing that our neck is tied to.
And after a lot of talk, he told me about the place of the grave and warned me that I would do anything wrong, because that would harm his job, and I promised him that I would not make any problems that would harm him in his job.
I called the man and told him the address and he said I will see you at two o'clock
I told him no, of course, I won't go down at night, I'm like that, I'm dying of terror
He shouted at me and said, "Omal, do you want me to meet you when your happiness is in the morning so that you hold on, you think yourself a barrier in a seven-star hotel?"
Hear what you say about him, instead of letting you bear the result of your curiosity alone. If it wasn't for the feeling of guilt about what my grandson did, even though you were the reason for it, I wouldn't have crossed you.
I went to the place of the lark and found him standing there waiting for me with a small scout that was breaking the darkness of the grave and laying down a piece of paper that was full of incomprehensible and strange words.
I heard his words when I was at the feet of a man and with the last man when I went down to the door of the grave and entered it while my heart shivered from the horror and from the sight of the corpse, and there were thousands of workers around the corpse, and I said the words with me quickly, and my heart would stop for me to run from this place while I heard the sound of ZMoney scratched the place and I ran outside and I can't take myself
Just met the man
I took each other and went home, and I am sure that everything will return to the same way as the first.
I ran to Muhammad and kept screaming at him in a hysterical way and saying, “My religion is at the quorum of the antichrist you gave me to.”
He sat telling me an impostor, eh, I don't understand anything, and I was friendly with you, what are you talking about?
I told him yes, my brother, and you put me in the presence of the antichrist, the quorum, the grandfather of the man from whom you took the book
I met him and he says: What are you saying, this is the customer who came to me for a burnt death after I gave you the book a week ago.
I was going to pass out from shock, or who took me to the grave of the burnt man.
 The first time I heard the word burnt, I started collecting threads
I went to Jaber and told him to get up quickly and go to the morgue. I want to know the name of the man you saw.
He sat telling me I don't understand anything you are going to say about it and I don't extend my hand on you. We have the right to understand it.
At that time I told him everything and he still did not believe himself from what I told him and he sat hitting me and I didn't want any reaction because I deserve, on the contrary, hitting me, it would relieve me of the torment I am in
And we went to the hospital and ate the names, and I found the name of the deceased "Khalil Omran" written.
Who is the one I saw?
What do you want from me?
We went home and we were all the way, we didn't talk to each other
I entered my state, locked myself and found the light was cut off
Normally, I could call Ali Jaber and not leave the hall
But this time, I won't come out, I'm just going to meet him
But I found a strange terrifying entity, who is talking to me and telling me
We are the servants of Khalil Imran, who will replace your soul with his soul. You did all that we asked of you
He is the one who is supposed to live and continue his career
As for you, you will be locked up in his body for the rest of your life, and you will return to the same grave, and he will live in your house with your life, and he will return to his kingdom and his magic again.
You paid for your curiosity and you must complete it for the other
After the hour, when the 12th does not come, the souls will change and you will no longer be here
And suddenly he disappeared.
And I am completely surrendered
I am writing to you this story to keep it as a lesson to anyone who begins to think that he is entering into this subject of magic out of curiosity.
Well, Fadel, two hours and everything is over and there is nothing left for me but this story. I decided that I would take this story after I go to see my mother for the last time and go down to her and see my brother sleeping and throw her in the Nile because I do not like my mother and my brothers know her so that they can deal with the antichrist who will embody myself
But when you read the message, please think a million times before you read one war, so that you can destroy your life with it and cut off your livelihood with your own hands and your whole life stands because of a sentence you read from a book of magic
Please, "If you decide to manipulate magic, then bear the consequences of your decision."

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