In this country, beware of making mistakes, or you will be sacrificed

I am Khaled, 29 years old, my father is deceased, and I live with my mother and sister, and like any young man who is supposed to take responsibility for the house he lives in after his father’s death. Expenses increased, especially after my mother was tired

In this country, beware of making mistakes, or you will be sacrificed

I am Khaled, 29 years old, my father is deceased, and I live with my mother and sister, and like any young man who is supposed to take responsibility for the house he lives in after his father’s death. Expenses increased, especially after my mother was tired, I felt that every thing was standing in my way, and this situation continued for more than two years until my friend came in one day and offered me that we travel. That's how knowing we will travel on a boat
I told him, oh, we want to drown and get lost, like those who drowned in the sea, and we hear about them.
And frankly, he has a right. I have no other solution other than to travel for many hours. We know that we can put our lives at risk, but we have to start thinking a lot and then I told him and we will travel where, God willing. He said we will travel to Italy, uncle and we will work. We both told him medicine and my mother and sister.
He said, I mean, you don't like your seat, at least with them, when you travel, they will stay with you, which will make you live well, and he encouraged me very much on this topic of travel.
I went and spoke with my mother and she did not agree very much and she told me a penny to answer it while you are sitting in our midst is better than a million pounds and you are far from us, we have no other than you, my son
You met me by saying, I mean, you don't like our situation like this. I'm fine. I decided to travel. My mother sat crying and accepted the fait accompli.
I died the money for traveling well, and I borrowed from people and told them that I was the first time I went to Italy, I would give you the money to double it and talk from this, and I actually went and said goodbye to my mother and sister, who I was going to leave without money, but I was all the time reassuring them that the first time I went, I would call them and collect them an amount and pay all the money we owed.
We went on board and preferred to walk in the sea for three days
On the fourth day, we found the boat going under the boat and sinking
Of course, at this time, I was not in my mind, except for my mother and my sister, and I stayed with workers. I hit Adel, who advised me to take this trip, and I say from you to God, you lost me, but there was no time to talk. Everyone took a jacket to escape and we got off the boat. I knew I could swim a little, but I found Adel drowning and many people drowning. I couldn't even swim. Suddenly the world became dark. I didn't see anything. I started losing consciousness. I woke up and found myself thrown on an island. There is no one with me. I don't know what happened. What happened to the people on the boat, and what would my family do in the absence of sure they would know that the boat sank and they would think of me? I wanted to cry and I kept working for anything I ate, and I actually kept eating anything, even palm leaves. I kept eating it. I preferred to eat it for five days. I was dying of fatigue. I had a lot of books talking About countries I wanted to know a lot about Italy and I love reading. I said I sit down and read these books for fun. My time there were so many countries that are on the map and those that don’t exist, and many strange and strange villages, and after I found myself, I had to move. I said I go around the island, there might be people likeI do not hear that there are people in the islands. I preferred to walk on the island. I did not find anyone until I found a market and many people were walking. People did not look like us, but they dressed other than my appearance. They looked like the Red Indians I used to read about, but their appearance is difficult. I started to be afraid, and of course I expected that they would not talk. I started to speak with them, I love English over French, and there is no benefit. I started trying to understand them and consult them because someone would occupy me, but no one was asking about me, and frankly, the first time I saw the fruits and vegetables in the market, I thought I would take something without anyone taking care of it, or in a more correct sense, stealing, meaning, uh, but really, it is forbidden. I don't have any other than that, and I just sat down to justify to myself that surely, God would forgive me. I felt it. I forgot that the mistake was wrong anywhere and in any language. I actually extended my hand and still took the fruit. I found the owner of the shop praying. A respectable comment and they would like me in the department, although there is definitely a country like this that does not have a section. Contrary to what I expected, the owner of the shop did himself, I did not take care of him, and I did not feel that there was anything wrong, but I said that it is not a problem as long as I do not speak, I will take the fruit and walk. I preferred to walk in the village. All the people are very peaceful. I found one who bumped into the other in the street, and the buzzing that was holding him hit him, and the man did not talk about this. If we had in Egypt, the man would not walk except at least when he took the right to buzz or even fight with him. I preferred every day like this and started to change theft And I kept it another thing, meat birds, and I was afraid and I went every time I stole, and every time I got the same reaction, the owner of the shop noticed the theft and didn't talk. This and the one who used to provoke me, hit him, although no one was provoked at all, but I wanted to feel strong. I was so hilarious. I had not seen a country like this before, and I preferred to live every day, being more unjust than the day before, by stealing and unfairly, and taking anything I like from people without any objection, as if I were Dealing with statues, I was very hilarious, but I was sure that I felt lonely. No one was talking to me, and I did not understand anyone. What medicine did my family get? What did they live with? I hope they were with me. Unrequited and effortless Those who inspire them about this, I am curious to know the name of the country we are in, but they look like an ignorant country and they do not know how to read or write. I'm in it now

And here was the surprise, and this was what was written in the book about the country
There is a country, and it is the country of Neurosiados, and it is a country that does not have any laws, its people work hard and diligently, where there is no injustice, oppression, theft or any form of corruption, and all of that without any trial and the secret in that
Quite simply, whoever commits any of these mistakes, the return is his life, as with every rotation of the moon, the tribe comes with the most individual who committed crimes and they sacrifice him as a sacrifice to God. The sacrifice that is offered to God is a pig animal instead of a human, but offering a human being as a sacrifice to God is a greater and more important matter than just offering a pig, so they hunt any mistake for any person to sacrifice it and save the people of his village from it

Of course, I stayed in the villages of these words, and I did not believe and did not understand anything, and I say, sure, it will not remain the same country. I started to be afraid and terrified, and I left two days after the full moon. Something I did not deal with anyone, although I am sure that there is no benefit, and that is why they will kill me. Today is perfect for the moon. I actually found all the people doing a big party and sitting at the head of the party, someone who looks aging and looks suspicious, and everyone in the village kneels to him as if he is their god, and I found them coming to me And they pulled me and put me in front of this man. I sat relaxed and told them I did not know, but of course no one understood me, and I found a huge man holding a large cleaver and putting it on my neck. I sat down to vote and said to them, I did not know, I did not know, and here I heard the voice of Adel. Yes. I met him with more workers than me, and he said, “Wake up, uncle.” What did you not know whether you dreamed of what you looked like, or what? nightmare
I completed my journey on the sea and I counted the first day and I was unable to forget the details of the days I lived in the village and I counted today and woke up while I was on the boat and found people voting and saying the boat is sinking I kept working above myself and I say to myself a dream but this time Adel was with me and he assured me that it was not a dream of the boat sinking seriously and I am also drowning I found myself again on the same island that I dreamed of, but this time I was not alone. He was with me, Adel, but this time I knew that I would live in this village, how I would never do anything wrong, but Adel had a different opinion. He wanted to make the same mistake that he made and take Eating for free and living as I wanted, I preferred to guess a lot and swear that all this I saw and lived, I came to Oriel, the book I had, but I didn't find any books, I didn't have books at all.
He said, "Listen, Khaled, we are long here and we don't know where we are, and I won't hear from you the dreams and superstitions that you say, and I don't believe you and preferred in the same style."

It's okay, it's free, unfortunately, it will be a sacrifice to God. As the full moon approaches, I used to hear my words, and I used to believe me. As for me, I live without any sin, and I will work and do exactly like them......

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