It wasn't just a dress it was a dress of ruin

My name is Samar. I have a 21-year-old diploma in industry, and we are on the same path, but thank God for the generosity and grace of our Lord. One day, I had a job interview in a company that wanted people who were not highly qualified

It wasn't just a dress it was a dress of ruin

My name is Samar. I have a 21-year-old diploma in industry, and we are on the same path, but thank God for the generosity and grace of our Lord. One day, I had a job interview in a company that wanted people who were not highly qualified, and I came for a time when I don’t have any clothes that would be useful for me to go to the interview with the job, as well. I knew that they looked very well at that time, I was confused and did not know what to do and how to act, and I remained in his work, I say, sure, I will not tell the father about money, he is not stalked by me and my sisters. It worked for the interview and I actually took each other and went and it was the last money with me from my old job before they dispensed with my services without justification. I actually went to the place and went around when I found a dress that looked very nice and the price was very suitable and I could not believe that I found things to add in this scene there. Of course, in relation to its price, I took it and paid for it and took my part and went and saw it to my mother. She said to me, my daughter, may God bless you with it. For my happiness, I preferred to put the dress next to me while I was sleeping from a lot. I got dressed and went out to break the fast with Mama, my sisters, and Papa, may God grant him work
Mama told me that you are better today, Samar
I told her, Alhamdulillah, Mama, I am fine and fine. She said to me, O my daughter, I always took my part and went to the interview, but the strange thing was that I was going to the street and ferrying the street. I found myself in a car that came to me, and I felt that I started dizzy and with a voice, and the Arabic was confusing me. I was shocked and did not understand it at the same time, and then I went to the interview, but unfortunately they told me that they have taken a certain number and they do not want anyone else
I took each other and went and felt that the whole world was saying me to the point that I went and went to sleep while I was sitting on the bed with my clothes, I woke up and found one in it sitting on the edge of my bed and his workers were crying rigidly and praying. Looking in the mirror, I found the dress was all blood. I kept voting and I ran out of the middle of the room, and Mama came to follow me and say what is the money in it, my daughter, what is it that brought you?
I told her everything that happened from the beginning of the day and I was surprised that my mother said that I heard you give me yesterday and they were satisfied, but frankly I said I will let you sit a little with yourself, you may need this. I got no jinn or these things
The important thing is that I worked in a supermarket and kept coming down every day and keeping my dress. I don’t want to loosen it and hold it in the dress and keep it until it is suitable and I don’t have an interview for a job to find something to wear.
But my health has started to stay in the house, with the feeling that I want to cry all the time, except that this is the case that comes to me and I see someone standing crying next to the cupboard.
One day at night, I heard while I was contagious from the side of my sister’s room, Sumaya, the sound of a very rigid crying, so I went in to see what she had in it, and opened the room, but I found her sleeping. I woke up, especially with a yellow face, and his workers took a breath and said, “You are coming to me at your time, Samar.”
I called her like this and told her I had the same dream, Sumaya. I don't know what caused it, for sure.
The days came back and we laughed and left, and we were always sad and tired, and Mama stayed at home and played Quran.
On the day I took a vacation from work and went early, Mama told me well that you came early when he called him from the lesson and we all ate together and actually called him came, but she surprised me when I found that she was wearing my dress and she gave birth when she found me and she kept saying I’m sorry, I wouldn’t do that again, and when I got up, she thought me. I do not shake her mind, but I did not do that, because I discovered something more dangerous than that she was wearing my dress, because I started to relate the events. I went to ask her, Sumaya, did you wear this dress before that, and she said no, no, of course, this is the first and last time I told her seriously, Sumaya, if you would please if you wore it before that Say I am not mad at you and I will not be upset if you wear it, I just want you to tell me the truth
I looked at the ground like this for a while and she said to me, Ewa, I wore it two days ago. I told her it was the day you had a dream about the beast, right?
Iowa told me
I went and ran to Mama and told her what happened, and Mama was satisfied. I connected that this dress had something to do, and I celebrated what was sitting at home, and I wanted to throw it away. Maybe I could not. This is the reason. I kept deceiving Mama. I take the dress and give it to Mary, my friend, for this period until I make sure for myself that the dress is well and there is no secret behind it.
I went to the store again and told the man that I took this dress and sorry, I want you to say, I mean, and help me get to the house from which I got this dress
The man treated me in a way that was not nice and almost expelled me and said, "You have no right to it. You are coming to take things for use. I mean, don't ask me whether or not who wore it before you or will wear it after you."
I walked in and I decided that I would keep the dress. I'm not sure. I mean, don't wear it because of your doubts. Either you look right or wrong.

I am still coming out of the street where the shop is in order to go for a ride. I found someone calling me and telling me, Professor, you made it difficult for me. I will tell you where did we bring this dress, but you did not tell the owner of the shop I came to, I told you, these are pieces of livelihood
I promised him that I would definitely not bring his resume, and in fact he told me about the address of a man who goes to homes and buys old clothes from them
I went to the man, and he said, “My daughter, you are my advice. You have good luck, because you will come soon enough. I know if you were a little late, I would have forgotten where this place is and where he described me with the address.”
I got out and it was a very luxurious building and a nice area, and as soon as I entered through the gate the doorman sat praying like this.
I asked him about Mr. Youssef’s apartment, and he sat praying rigidly and no one answered when he got up and knocked on the buttons in the elevator, and it was the last turn, and I took a bite and got out.
The first time I knocked on the door and opened one, and the first time she saw me, she sat screaming and crying and reached a point of horrible agitation.
I found her son outside and her husband and two workers praying and beating her until she passed out and he gave her an injection to give her to someone when she fell asleep and I, from a lot of embarrassment, took a bite and walked so I heard the voice of her husband saying: Who are you, my daughter, and what do you want and what brought you here?
I told him the whole story from the first time I bought the dress until when I came to them
The man had tears in his eyes and sat staring at his son and said, “My daughter, this dress is really sold by us, we are the ones who sold it.”
I used to have a daughter, her name is Suzan, and I have no other choice, she and this son of mine
And on the day of reading her opening, she told her mother to come with her to clean the dress, but she was tired. She couldn't go with her, and Susan had no friends.
And then we were surprised by a call saying that Susan had hit her with an Arab and she died on that hour
She died before she was happy in the dress that she chose herself, and before she was happy about reading her opening, and from her hour and her mother carried her guilt and said that if she had gone with her, it would have been her time, and we would bring her psychiatrists so that they could deliver her the idea that this was her life and destiny, whether she was with her mother or not, and that's how she would have died and died Every time she saw the dress, she meant to sit screaming and crying, so we had to sell it, but we didn't know that this could happen.
I told him that what happened and happened to my sister. He sat crying and said, “Sure, her soul is upset. Her joy has been kidnapped and I am happy with the dress, with your permission, my daughter. I want this dress for any amount, please. I will burn it because my daughter is not comfortable and she sees another wearing her dress that she does not wear.”
Of course, I told him that I would give it to him without money, and we agreed on a second date when I would give him the dress.
And I'm still working, I say you are right, Mom, really, this dress must be burned
When I call Mary, I tell her to bring the dress
I called a lot, the mobile says it's switched off
I went to call a lot, no one answered
Until when I found the number, it answered me
Where is Maryam's voice?!
who is this??!
This is one voice saying: Please, miss, we found this number, the last number ringing on the mobile. Can you come quickly?
Why did you tell them what?!!!
Your friend, regret, your friend, live, you made a traffic accident on the road, stay for God
I went to the hospital
I met her... I found Susan sitting next to her dress, which Mary was wearing, hilarious, and laughing
Why did you, Mary, wear the dress? I hope you don't wear it
I found Susan's father calling me because, of course, he didn't make the appointment
And he said, I waited for you a lot, Your Honor, you didn't give me an appointment, how did you get angry?
I told him, I don't have to come
He said, "We don't agree that we will rest Susan's soul and we will burn the dress."
I told him she was relieved, and she closed the rails
I got dressed and went to Maryam
And I saw her, I saw her in the midst of them, wearing her dress, and laughing and walking calmly among the mourners, and no one felt her presence but me.....

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