Khalil's uncle and the value of the beans

I am Khalil’s uncle, a simple man. My wife and I were living. We have four children, Muhammad, Hussein, Sayed and Ibrahim. May God bless them and protect them. Life was simple, but beautiful, and they were satisfied with what was divided

Khalil's uncle and the value of the beans

I am Khalil’s uncle, a simple man. My wife and I were living. We have four children, Muhammad, Hussein, Sayed and Ibrahim. May God bless them and protect them. Life was simple, but beautiful, and they were satisfied with what was divided.
My six-year-old woman used to wake up from dawn to wake up the children and their thinking and wake me up and go to finish making the beans and the night that I would take them with me on the bean cart, although it was not her job, but she was dependent on him and her heart is on work and a living
I used to pray Fajr, me and the children, and I would come back to find it, prepare breakfast and sit down, waiting for us. We return every day to this, and one day
And it is the promised night. I do not know why I was worried and woke up. I found her sitting next to the Babur and making beans. We were in the days of Babur whose voice was heard at the end of the street.
At that time, I told her what, mother of the children, who has corrected me from now on, she said to me, Khalil, I have come to provide you with a little amount of beans. Perhaps, may God honor today and sell more.
I left her and went to drink a cigarette in the balcony, and then I went to pray the night prayers and preferred to stay up late with her. We remember the days of the old days, unusually, until the time for Maghrib prayer, so then she got up and sat down to wake up with the boys. His mother preferred to see him until his health
We went down to pray Fajr, and she stood in the kitchen, completing breakfast and making the beans, and tonight, but what happened was unimaginable
We were in the mosque, may God heal you. We heard a sound as if it was a bomb. We were sincere in greetings. We finished and our people. We all saw what was in it. There was a very loud sound and people were running in the street and I kept running in the street to know what and who was asking him what.
Suddenly I found someone who was telling the truth, uncle Khalil of the house, who is fond of you
I ran and the boys and I found the fire caught in every thing that came up on me and people tried to stop me, but I didn't let anyone stop me, and I actually got out because the right, or my children, but God's order was carried out and I went to the one who created it and the house is a straw
We preferred to cry about our situation and our circumstances, especially since we have no one, even my sister, we will not be able to go there.
Many people from the street offered us to come to them, but I never refused, but they brought us a mattress and how many blankets I used to put them and the children to go to our house and sleep until the children of halal brought us someone who works at home and of course their religion is in my neck because I was on the track, I did not have a single penny even when I worked at home and had mercy on us Marmata in the street, but the first time I entered the house, I felt my heart hurt me, and its grip was so strange, and I sat crying, me and the boys
I found my friend Abu Al-Ela, bringing a new door, instead of the one who went and went with him, dear, and he had some beans like this, and at night I refused to take anything, but I agreed when I told him that I was a woman who wished them the first time the wheel came back to walk again
We slept from a lot of fatigue, we didn't eat a lot on the street
I was worried about this at the next hour and woke up, but I found the Babur working and he had a suit of beans on him. I said, “Who among my sons got up and made the beans? Surely someone among them thought that this would compensate me for their absence.” They know how to open the door, but I said they could try and find out, and I said I will ask them who among them did that, and indeed, the first and only healthy Muhammad I asked him was you who made the beans, O Muhammad
He replied to me and said, No, Dad, I don't even know if we have a new door
I asked the same question to the rest of the boys, but they all said not me
I started to get scared and say, Medicine, who means that it will be without what I thought about, and Abu Al-Ala worked on it?
Maybe I will really ask him. I went to get breakfast. I found the tray of his breakfast prepared, although I did not see any of the children entered the kitchen at all.
I started to worry, but I held myself together because the boys weren't scared enough of what had happened to them
I went to work, me and the boys, except for Hussein, because he was very tired and did not come down, and although I was not comfortable that he was sitting alone, but I said, OK, let him be, and he was the youngest of his sisters, he had been with him for seven years, and I let every one of his sisters go out to see him.
We finished work and went upstairs in the apartment. I found him still sleeping and his temperature was very high. I sat doing it with compresses and preferred to stay up next to him all night until I went to sleep. I woke up to the sound of a solid demon. Shait and the house collapsed, I started to wake up in the children, calling them, but no one heard me.
I went to call my sister and told her to wake me up with someone saying that he is a man with a blessing and see what happened. Maybe something in the house from the day of the fire until I actually went and got the pond manually. So he did the two pills with this awareness, and in the end I can't do anything, take some and walk and still until now all I see is repeated Every day in my health, I meet the doorman working on the beans without any justification, and the breakfast is civil, and I kept telling the children that I was the one who was healthy to bring it because they were afraid. Believe me to the point that I said, but it remains, I donate with you and see what this story is, and in fact it became and woke up from sleep, the Babur was working on beans and the breakfast was civilized, so you will go crazy.
I told him another blessing. What was the one before him? Was it a blessing? He said no, Khalil. This is a man who does not take money. He does this for the sake of God, and he recites the Qur’an, and why is his style?

I heard his words and our soul crossed him. The first time he recited the Qur’an, we met Hussain, my son, who was sitting writhing on the ground. I fell asleep, and the Sheikh was sitting more and more in the Qur’an. We started to hear the doors being opened and Hussain Fadl writhing on the ground until he cut off the movement completely, but the sheikh reassured me and said that he had been well and that he could have been hurt. If you catch him and say that this was my wife's companion, I can't believe that she died and I want to take her role, but of course this is something harmful and it had to end and really from that time God bless him, nothing else happened and this was my whole story............. .

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