One minute of zero gravity is over

One minute of zero gravity is over

One minute of zero gravity is over

Has anyone had an idea of ​​what would happen if gravity was absent for a minute? Some may think that a minute, which is a very short time, did not affect a large planet like Earth, at least, it takes a few hours, but in fact, one minute of zero gravity is able to change everything.


  • people fly

Since humans will immediately fly in space like paper, and we did not know anything about them, not only humans, but all that is on Earth from animals and insects, in the event that they were outside the house


  • As for if they are indoors?

They will remain inside it for a long time, so they certainly did not venture out in this atmosphere, but it will cause them health damage and people whose homes are easy to dislodge, surely their homes will fly with the members of the house


  • human wounds

Where the wounds did not heal in their natural and known form, but it will take a lot of time for the wounds to heal


  • Oxygen disappearance

The absence of gravity is associated with the atmosphere, and as long as there is no gravity, the atmosphere and oxygen will inevitably disappear, and thus the world will collapse. The world will certainly end and sleep will become more difficult. Imagine that you sleep on a planet that has no gravity, you will find yourself wandering in space.


  • We would imagine if zero gravity lasted longer

We will find that the infants will be born in difficult circumstances, as it is assumed that his internal organs will appear incorrectly and the disappearance of some organs, such as an experiment that took place on a cat and the cat appeared without one of its eyes and was blind in this eye, which is evidence of the disappearance of some organs


  • What about seas and oceans?

Maybe some people say, sure, the great seas and oceans are not affected by the absence of gravity, but these great oceans will be wasted by the winds if there is no gravity and no trace of them remains


  • What about the sun and the stars?

The sun will begin to compress until it becomes very compressed and eventually explodes. As for the stars, with the same idea of ​​the sun’s explosion, but its effects did not appear until years later, when we notice at that time its disintegration

Many people will imagine, as children watch cartoon movies, that people will fly without wings and their lives will be better and that they will fly as the dream of many people, but they did not realize that they are not the only ones who will fly, everything that is on the surface of the earth will fly and many accidents will happen And chaos prevails, meaning that there is no life at all, as the earth itself no longer exists, as it will be dismantled, so we must underestimate this minute in one minute that can end our whole world

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