One night in the mortuary

I am Mohamed Salem, I am 25 years old, a graduate of tourism and hotels, but unfortunately from the first time I graduated, I could not find a job over coffee.

One night in the mortuary

I am Mohamed Salem, I am 25 years old, a graduate of tourism and hotels, but unfortunately from the first time I graduated, I could not find a job over coffee.
Until one day, I met Khaled’s uncle, and by the way, about Khaled, this is the janitor of the house in which I live. I came to me and he said, “What did you say, Mr. Muhammad?” You weren’t asking for a job
At that time, my eyes shone with joy, and I told him: Oh, Uncle Khaled, I hope
He replied to me and said, but, sir, I do not know this job will suit you, or not.
He said, OK, they are the ones who called me, I mean, they told me that they wanted someone to sit in shifts at night
So I told him, this is a factory, right?
He said no sir, it is not a factory, this is a hospital, I mean, you will sit in the mortuary department receiving the bodies
At that time, I told him, Uncle Khaled, I would not be able to get a job like this. He said, OK, sir. I didn't say that, with consent.
I left him and walked and sat over coffee and I had no more than twenty pounds, and the last twenty pounds was with me from what my father had given me at that time, it was hard for me, but I got up and went back to Uncle Khaled again and told him I agree, Uncle Khaled.
He said, don't tell yourself that, sir. You are the adornment of youth
Let us rely on God. I will speak to the uncle of Abdo who brings his work, and I will say to you, and may God provide what is good.
I was thinking, I was wondering, how in the night shift, I had a small radio, and I said to my mother and father, who were very reluctant because they wanted me to work with my testimony, but after I convinced them that there was no job and that it was better than my seat, they agreed with difficulty.
The second day I went to Abdo, who was Khaled’s uncle, he sold me to him and said that I would start work from 12 midnight. He sat down to explain me the instructions.
I really went and took all the things that I brought and charged my mobile and my mother used to treat me for a bite to eat at night and went
I received the shift, put the radio on, turned it on, and went out and sat down to eat
I met someone who put his hand on my shoulder, of course, I shrieked to the point that food fell from my mouth, and I said, “But surely one of the corpses inside the morgue is correct.”
I found him a man who is about fifty years old like this, and he says, "Don't worry, I am your uncle, Madbouly. I will be with you in shifts at night."
I told him, I wish, by God, uncle Madbouly, instead of me sitting alone like this, between you and me is terrified
He told me why, but my son, this is even the dead are more merciful than human beings. Now, God calls you, but there is nothing to fear you.
I decided for him to eat what I had, but he was sick, and he printed his cigarette and sat drinking it and telling me about the things he used to see for a while and that he was satisfied. He was afraid when I first worked here.
While we were sitting, we heard a voice from inside the mortuary, as if someone was arguing
I told him, shave uncle Madbouly, there is someone screaming at him
He replied to me and said, son, I didn't tell you to focus and work yourself, I didn't hear anything
But the sound was getting louder
And I said, OK, I'm going to go in and see what's going on, but Madbouly's uncle told me to wait.
I went in to call him and I preferred to call, but he couldn't get through
And I saw what I could not forget for the rest of my life
I found six with a knife in her neck, and his workers ran to me in order to rescue her and not remove the apartment from her, as I had seen a completely burned person laughing as if he was laughing at me.
But I met Madbouly's uncle. He sat down and said to me, what did you get inside, my son? I didn't tell you, no matter what happened.
I told him I was afraid for you and went in to see you
He said my son, I will take them away, but your heart is still fragile, you will not be able to bear the scenes that are in it.
I preferred all night long to hear in the voices and my uncle, Madbouly, reassures me, and I am resolved. The first time the morning comes, I will submit my resignation. One of us sells tourism and hotels, meaning another works in a hotel, but this atmosphere of terror is not in it, not a player.
Every time there was a voice, Madbouly's uncle was afraid to see what the world was in it and came out, the voice would be as if he knew how to control them
And the first thing in the morning came, and the security guard on his morning shift came to pick me up, I took my part and went
Then I went to uncle Abdo and told him Boss, I tried, but I honestly can't finish this job. I one day would have made me die, or money, or I stayed two days, so what will happen? This is me and Uncle Madbouly, yesterday I was going to die of terror
Ali's uncle Abdo replied and said: "Uncle Madbouly, who is my son?"
I told him, I did not walk or did anything, even though I intended to do this because I knew what these sounds were, but if it wasn't for Madbouly's uncle, may God honor him.
Ali Abdo’s uncle replied and said, “Uncle Madbouly, O Muhammad, died from the hills of Tiam, and his corpse was so far removed from the graves.”
May God have mercy on him. He was a good man. He killed treachery in his suffocation when someone wanted to enter the morgue, and when he prevented him, because it was not allowed to hit him with the knife that was with him, that is why we were looking for someone in his place and you took the job
Of course I was shocked, what?! I mean, I spent all day with a murdered one
I couldn't believe it until I made sure of myself and saw it
I saw Madbouly's uncle in the refrigerator of the dead, his face blue and his eyes bulging
Huh, he wasn't hurt on the contrary, he was protecting me all night, maybe from other souls who hurt me
The day I spent in the morgue was one of the hardest days of my life
And I don't think I can forget it, nor will it help me
Because Madbouly's uncle stayed with me everywhere and everywhere, not just in the hospital
All my life I have heard about people who work night shifts, especially if they are in a mortuary
I don't think I can re-experience this
And sure, please God, I have strength and patience in the people who accept this job, or they may not meet Madbouly’s uncle.

One night with the dead was enough that she patted the knot from the whole place
Only one night inside the morgue is enough to make you live one of the most terrifying nights as it was enough to make me decide to give up the job to someone who is strong before him or can adapt to the situation, but I will not be able to suffice what I saw on this promised night........ ........

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