The true and tragic story of Cartoon Teletubbies

Most of us were familiar with the Teletubbies cartoon, which has many pellets that remind us of our childhood days and bring joy to many children

The true and tragic story of Cartoon Teletubbies

Most of us were familiar with the Teletubbies cartoon, which has many pellets that remind us of our childhood days and bring joy to many children.
It is a BBC program
But is this the truth of the cartoon program, or is there a painful story behind this?

Teletubbies is a story taken from a mental institution in Bulgaria known as "La La Land", but its real name is not yet known.

Teletubbies tells the story of a group of children who died on the same day.

  • Personal fact no no

One of the children was no no, her name means lavender, and she was disfigured in the face but her face was always smiling, but this did not make a difference between her and the rest of the children and she acted like a normal child

She was locked in a cold, damp room for five years until she completely lost her mind.

She spent her life dancing in her room even if there was no music in the room, and she couldn't speak Bulgarian, but rather a strange British

Her skin turned yellow due to the lack of sunlight, but she always kept her smile
Even when she was mistreated and when she broke her leg by the caregivers so she could never dance again Even when they kept her tied to the bed she was always smiling

  • The truth about Totti "Tinky Winky"

He was a seven-year-old boy at the time of his death and was very mysterious.

He was deaf and shared "no no" in the same deformity as he did not stop smiling, so he was imprisoned in the institute all his life.

He was a noisy kid and would not stop banging his head against the wall until it cracked, causing the caregivers to tie my Totti to the wall.

He was left like this so often that his limbs turned blue permanently.

He and I had one thing in common, smiling the whole time even when all of his teeth were smashed with a metal pole because some caregiver kicked him.

Hence, this miserable soul was taken and became the character of Tinky Winky.

  • The truth about Donka "Dipsey"

He was also deformed at birth like the others, and he did not speak because he had not completed his education and he was six years old.

He spent half his life in a state of starvation as he was throwing away the food that was given to him, which made him so weak he could barely walk.

Donka was always sick and never had a caregiver bring in a doctor to find out what he was doing

In the end, the character of Dipsy was inspired by the child Donka.

  • The real Paulina "Boo" character

She was the youngest of the four, and was also born with the same unstoppable smile, which resulted in her family getting rid of her and putting her in a mental institution.

The tragedy of this child began when a fire broke out in the sanatorium and burned until her skin and bones melted, but the miracle is that she remained alive after all this, but her color turned red

  • Why is Teletubbies given that name?

Amidst the darkness of the sanatorium and the misery and the pain and despair, the only thing that made them forget the pain and the injustice was the television.
The four were sitting in front of the small TV, which was very small in size, sitting smiling, not interested in anything in life.
Until the day came when news came out that the sanatorium administration would pull out all the televisions (they said that electricity costs a lot), so the four children decided to steal four devices “one for each”.
The children tried to hide these devices, but they could not, so they thought of eating them.
The next day, the caregivers were shocked by a terrifying sight.
It is for four children who tried to eat small television sets, they were soaked in blood with their stomachs open.
Of course, the Bulgarian government tried to hide this news so that no one would know what was happening in its clinics, but in the end the story was revealed.
Human rights organizations created the television show in memory of innocent children.
This TV show kept showing and loved by many children and became their favorite cartoon, but they did not know that it had achieved the tragic story of these cartoon characters.

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