The worst betrayal in history

The worst betrayal in history

The worst betrayal in history

Even you, Brutus!!!!
A sentence we hear a lot, as it is considered one of the most famous sentences in history, but behind it lies a story of the most horrific stories of betrayal and betrayal, said by Julius Caesar, that great Roman emperor who fought many battles, achieving the greatest victories that made him sit in the hearts of people, which provoked other members of the Senate of Rome who tried to get rid of from him .
But this is considered a normal thing for a great emperor like him, the lion must have enemies who want to get rid of him and sit on the throne of the jungle.
But when the stab comes from a friend who loves the heart here, it is more painful than a poisoned dagger, for Brutus is the most beloved of humans to Julius Caesar, the friend and brother. On Brutus, at the instigation of the senators who plotted his conspiracy against Julius Caesar in their meeting, and each of them stabbed him.
Julius was strong and did not fall in spite of all these stabs until he saw Brutus, a friend of his age come towards him, so his eyes sparkled, thinking that he had come to save him, but the biggest and last shock in Caesar's life was Brutus's fatal stab, it did not hurt his body, but it hurt his heart, trust and feel Betrayal towards his closest friend, and then he said:
Even you, Brutus!!!
If Caesar dies...
How cruel Caesar felt, how cruel it is for a person to realize at the last moment of his life that he was a mistake, a mistake in his feelings, a mistake in his giving, a mistake in his confidence.
In the life of each of us Brutus, yes in the life of each person who gives him love, giving and trust, we feel that he is a bond, but we discover in our most difficult moments how wrong we were.
Betrayal is a human nature, and as Gibran Khalil Gibran expressed to us in his saying:
When the bullet hit my heart, I didn't die
But I died when I saw her divorced

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