University housing ghost

I am from a village far from Cairo, and because my university stayed in Cairo, so I had to settle in an apartment or any university housing.

University housing ghost

I am Mayada, a student in the Faculty of Arts, and my story started in the first year
I am from a village far from Cairo, and because my university stayed in Cairo, so I had to settle in an apartment or any university housing.
I would have liked the idea that I lived far from my family all the time I was studying, but I was going to do what I mean, I did not have any solution other than to stay in a residence
I started to bring my bag and my mother brought me food to take it with me housing, and I took some and went to get ready for college from the next day
I went to the residence and took a room. I was sitting in it alone, but they told me that in the event of any student, you will come at that time, you will share with me in the room, just like every two girls are in his room
I got my clothes out of the bag and arranged them in the closet. I sat reading a little novel, after which I fell asleep and set the alarm to wake up. The truth is the first lecture on my first day of study. I woke up and went to college and met my colleague, her name is Suhair, and it happened that she lives in the same apartment. I felt that she understood everything in college on the basis that this was not the first year, quite unlike me. I felt that I was lost and did not understand anything, and I began to ask her about the doctors’ system and lectures, and today I am not a normal person, and nothing happened and I went with her, but she was living in the room on the floor above me.
She said to me, try to keep looking, sit with me in my state, is it my offspring, and I agreed with her decision, and I actually entered my place, ate and slept, and when I woke up, I was very weary. They sat telling me about the imp in the building and that there is a ghost that comes out at night, but the residence does not say this topic because the girls are afraid
At that time, I was stuck in my brain, and I said, “Maybe they want to frighten me, and there is nothing.” And when I opened the room, I was so sad that I screamed when I found someone standing at the cupboard, but I found her a girl who reassured me and told me that she was my colleague in the new room, and she sat down apologizing to me that she fought me and was in the college of commerce. In which
And I knew that her name is Warda, and that she is only her first year of age. She is exactly like me
She was an example of modesty, beauty and calmness, and I started to like to talk to her very much. I considered her my sister, and even Suhair did not sit with her for a long time. I kept watching her between lectures, but she was also busy with her friend, or I was the one who was justifying myself this argument in order to keep praying throughout my life. I do not know that I will have many friendships, thanks in one mate
I started telling his Lord every thing about my life, and she also started telling me about her and her family and every thing in her life.
And one day while we were sitting, I was reading a novel and a rose. She was traveling to see her family, and I met her. I came back from traveling and very happy, and holding a mobile phone in her hand. I sat in the room and said, Papa, buy the mobile that has the net. I am very happy all my life.
I was happy for her joy and blessed her. She told me that she wanted to download some applications for him to use, so I told her to download a Quran and some novels that she would read.
And hey, she told me, I myself, I work on Facebook, this is myself, so I can be on Facebook
I told her OK, I'm doing it for you, there are no problems, it's very easy, I mean, it will work all the time
I actually made her on Facebook and she was very happy, and I taught her to follow the dad how and to accept the dad how and every thing and she started to get very busy with him and sit on him day and night even though she was always either talking to me or taking tickets but from an hour she didn't go to the mobile and her condition turned and I kept noticing strange behaviors like for example that The way she wears her and her words does not change. I don’t see her reply to the one I met her for the first time. Hours I feel that she is very happy, and hours I feel that she is pink and dumb and a very sad base. She is moody and withdrawn and sleeps a lot. The exams are approaching, and she does not leave the mobile from her hands. The day she left her mobile and went to the bathroom and the mobile rang, I sat calling for her a lot, but I couldn't hear it and I had to open it. The mobile, because if I saw it in my hands, it was embarrassing, but when I came out and the mobile rang again and came back, I met the person who called her for the first time and I answered him, he sat irritating her that the railway was closed for a moment, and she justified him that Isn't she the one who closed the rails and started crying while he refused to hear her and the line stopped in her face, of course she kept blaming me and saying that I was the reason I caused what was between them and then I exploded in her and I told her
You are so upset, why is this one and you are begging you, and then you don't have ten more?
At that time, I sat crying and it was difficult for me. I tried to understand that what she was doing was wrong and that it was harming her future, but she refused to hear anything from me.
We preferred many days like this, and the relationship was cut off between us, and each one remained the same, and the exams were free. I started and began to focus on my studies, and it is like what she is holding her phone in her hand, refusing to let it go.
Until when the exams were over and the result came out and I knew that it had fallen and contrary to what I expected that it would collapse when you knew, but it is different with her, as if the life of Facebook, mobile and all this talk took possession of it
I used to see her lying to her family and telling them that she succeeded
And the second term started, and on the day I came back, I found his workers’ reply suffocating with someone on the phone

She votes and breaks in any thing she intended. I ran for her to gift her and try to understand from her what is in it, but she did not talk about her gift, and I let her sleep and the other day I went to college, and when I came back, I found something that I cannot forget until now.
The first time I opened the door of the room, I found a rose on the ground, with a broken buzzing on its side and bloody hands, I tried to vote and call anyone, but no one heard me. From last year, Mayada
Did you tell them she died?!!! How did she die, my friend died, how did she die?
She told me, I didn't tell you that there is a demon that appears in the building, Mayada, and I told you, take care
I told her, No, I am sure that Warda is Aisha. I saw her myself. At that time, she told me Warda was an excellent girl and a simple village girl. She came to Cairo, and she actually responded in the literal sense, but from him to God, who was the reason for her friends in the room. She commits suicide other than her fall. All this left her with the end of her life with her own hands. From her time, this room is locked, but the supervisor of the role, may God reward her. When she found that the number was complete in the building, she sat you in her room, hoping that when she lives, there will be nothing left of her greed. Let her open the room and place you on your luck
I kept hearing these words and I was shocked and did not believe, I mean, all this time I was sitting with the spirit of a rose?!
The strange thing is that I did not leave the room. I preferred a seat in it and I did not leave it until after I graduated, and for the past four years I felt like it was with me everywhere
I heard that there is a female student named Somaya Hetiji who is being booked in the university house, especially in my abode.
I hope she loves Warda as I loved her and sympathized with her story and I hope she enjoys her time with her.........

Imagine if it was a rose that used the mobile correctly, she was living and graduating in her time. Imagine that a mobile lost her future
The fault is not in the mobile phone nor in Facebook, the fault is in the way it is used
There is nothing more important than your future, there is nothing in the world that deserves that your future is wasted because anything is your study and your superiority above everything.
Always choose your path, the path you are proud to walk on
Every step comes at the right time and in the right way. There is nothing more beautiful than feeling superior and caring for the future
Your interest in your future and your being is the biggest goal and the best path that can do you justice. It is your strongest weapon in your life, and it is the most important weapon in your life with which you can overcome any difficulties.................

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